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Why using a VPS ?

Sometimes, when you start an activity, you still wonder what type of accommodation to choose? You do not want to miss any available resources, especially if the project you are planning to start is an e-commerce site whose catalogs and qualities must always be updated. In this context, the adoption of a VPS hosting is an alternative that you should not neglected.

Why choose a VPS?

A VPS is an essential accommodation for your machine, in this context it will be divided into several virtual compartments. The mode of operation of each compartment will be independent and has the necessary to allow you to host your own sites. VPS will also allow you to host multiple client sites on your own operating system. In this sense, you will not risk being influenced by other clients that have been compartmentalized by the performance of the VPS that you have installed on your machine. You will have the necessary access to the resources you have paid. Each of your customers will also have full access to the system delivered, which is a dedicated server for a much more affordable price and all this is thanks to the adoption of the VPS.

When should we use it?

You can use the managed vps as long as your site experiences low traffic. This accommodation will allow you to continue to keep a shared hosting and at the same time to get a small budget. Sometimes, when traffic increases, most shared hosting is no longer stable to the point that your site may become slow and dysfunctional. So at this point, when your machine can no longer contain the intensity of your site you should use the VPS. In some cases, you may need to upgrade your VPS form. The only small drawback is that moving from a shared to a VPS often involves the need to move sites one by one. In this sense, you will be obliged to warn your customers that their quota has exceeded the available resources and that you have had to make some adjustments.


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