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What is the difference between ruby and php?

When referring to the development of applications, one thinks necessarily the tools of development. In this framework, many tools are used by developers, only, among the most used in the field, there are PHP and ruby ​​on rails, both of which are exceptions languages. If we know the effectiveness of the two tools, we can understand how difficult it is to choose between the two. The question that arises is then on the criteria of choice.

Two flagship programming languages

Before claiming a good custom ruby ​​on rails application development or the perfect use of PHP, it will be necessary to know both languages ​​to well choose. First of all, be aware that ruby ​​on rails is the framework using the ruby ​​language. It is very popular with startups in view of its many advantages. Clearly, with ruby ​​on rails or ROR, it will be possible to have innovative websites and quickly usable. The development work will only be faster with this tool too.

Regarding PHP, it is also a programming language that integrates very easily with HTML. To display the latter, it will no longer be necessary to use a tonne of command since the PHP pages already contain fragments of HTML. Note also that PHP is a server-side language which means that its code will be executed exclusively via a server. By configuring the server, it will be possible to confuse static pages and dynamic pages.

Which one to choose?

If one goes in the direction of the comparison of the two languages, one will take into account some basic criteria. First, there is the usability of the product. In this framework, ruby ​​is as efficient as PHP. Concerning the frameworks, it is PHP which is the most practical with its many framworks whereas ruby ​​uses only two. Regarding reusability, ruby ​​gems hold the road, but PHP also follows the pace. As far as the development tools are concerned, ruby ​​has a lot of it, which explains its practicality in its use. In terms of development environments, ruby ​​only has 3, while PHP offers many.


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