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Why is PHP the hardest language ?

PHP is one of the simplest languages for programming out there. If the issue is "is php difficult?" the only response that is feasible is: YES. It's simple to know the language itself but difficult to master. While it is true that this has an adverse impact on new adopters, there is also the fact that thanks to shared hosts, PHP is so common and what is not, it is almost unavoidable. PHP has been intended to facilitate web development, and many beginners find it easy to pick up and start with. In reality, PHP code was so simple to pick up that many non-programmers could end up hacking PHP code together without really knowing the code. While good programmers are never going to copy and paste code they don't comprehend, this tells volumes how simple it is to pick up PHP.

Difficulties in maintenance

A dynamically typed language PHP is not simple to maintain, which implies that the same thing can readily imply something distinct depending on the context. As a PHP app grows bigger and more complicated, this can be hard to keep as it becomes hard to monitor and solve mistakes, so it will take knowledge and knowledge to understand how to design your code or write unit tests to facilitate maintenance. However, by working with an experienced PHP mentor, you can learn how to better design code. Depending on how you approach learning the language itself, learning PHP will be simple or difficult. Of course, if you have a programming background, you are likely to have a head-start in the process. However, if you're totally new to programming, there are many resources available. Most of our code is safe, automated testing is everywhere, and a lot of innovation is taking place. Our software is closer to Java than to WordPress, and the environment, libraries and frameworks we use impact your day-to-day choices much more than the fundamental language in ourphp web development company. Looking at the language, I believe it’s okay to say "PHP is worse than Java, Ruby, Python, and many others."


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