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Discover the Koddos Hong Kong datacenter

When we talk about the internet, we must also take care of all those viruses, and it is our subject in this text, let’s talk about DDos and KoDDos.

What does mean those words?

In a simple word, DDoS is a virus which attacked you on the net. He fails down all your server and your computer system. He is so famous, because there is so much new business online and also new site for those startups who is still growing nowadays. He hasn’t come not so far of you, because it will be your neighbor who doesn’t appreciate you no more. But what is the best strategy to against it. Today, there is thousands of societies which give his service to help your business online grew up. But, here is best company than we can trust to protect your website, here is KoDDos. It is an offshore company who have a goal to blocked all attacks from a ghost client like the virus DDoS. He is implanting with the signature of Hong Kong Datacenter in a big city with a big data and more possibility to stay online one more thousand years later.

Just a little visit to KoDDos Datacenter in Hong Kong

On this summertime, Hong Kong is full of the tourist, yes, there are so many things interesting on this country. Just enjoy your holiday between those megacities with more and more population and a very high technology. When we take a fly to Hong Kong, we are impressed about all those shadows of fire of this big city. Welcome to a virtual visit at this datacenter on Hong Kong. In the beginning, we are impressed about the high security of this center. And may be, we need more than 2 hours to visit all that omgserver in front of us. There are so many boxes, and the infrastructure is just amazing. The storage energy and be connecting 24/7. This is a mountain of computer rack, and surely, we will be a fool to traveling there.

As we can imagine, the work is so hard, and the environment of this place is so Zen, with a big area and a big place for materials of air circulation.


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