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Developing an ecommerce in 24 hours, impossible ?

Faced with the advance of commercial technology, competition in terms of e-commerce is hard. Shopping websites are becoming more common on the web to sell everything, be it products or services. To develop its e-commerce site, it is important to know stand out from others. For this distinction, the site itself should be attractive and original, it is only after that the product or offers come.

Find its e-commerce solution

To quickly launch its e-commerce site, it is not generally advisable to directly choose an e-commerce solution, but rather a provider who would master the on the fingertips. The most important above all to have a solution that is tailored to their needs with minimal development to reduce costs with maximum simplicity. The technical part of the establishment of a commercial site and setting the store must be taken into account when allocating the budget. It is better to spend a few euros more in ruby on rails developers because amateurism is felt at first glance.

The site design and customer loyalty

The website design still remains an important criterion in the sense that it is the first contact with visitors. The choice of the domain and the name of the site are a must. They must evoke the brand and must be memorized. Indeed, the creation of a site begins before the line-up of products. For faster development of the site, it is advisable to prepare for the arrival of the site by creating first a thematic blog. In this way, this creates an SEO but also to recruit the first prospects of the site. To keep growing rate in terms of flows, it is important to find a good supplier. This ensures product supply, even if the market price is seen up, or for high shipping costs. Suppliers preferred are those with a good track their products.


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