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Compiling PHP in other languages

It is important to create websites in order to interact seamlessly with the Internet. Commercial companies must compulsorily do not be aggrieved at the competition. During the creative process, it will be important to use the right tools in order to be assured of good results. Php is a recurring tools in the field and is used to design innovative and efficient sites. Of course, before we can claim to use it well, it will be important to know all the attractions. These benefits are many, so we will have to know them to better adopt thereafter.

Compiled or interpreted program

The choice of a language is fundamental when creating a website. Programming languages ​​like php fall into two major categories. Clearly, compiled programs are deemed faster than running programs. We can therefore easily adopt to gain in speed. We say that a language is compiled executable when its implementation has to go through a compiler. Of course, an interpreted language will require an interpreter. Otherwise, it can also implemented a language with a compiler, not a performer. The difference between the two category is that the compiler will translate the source code into an executable file independent then the interpreter will be required each time the interpreted program.

PHP compiler

Even with the benefits of PHP for php developers, they will always seek a way to gain speed. As said above, it is possible to compile a program in order to gain in production and speed. In the specific case of PHP, tools can easily be used to compile for speed or for more performance. These tools are, in particular, BinaryPHP or bambalam. Many others will come expand this list so it will be enough to choose the right tool needs. It will be important to note that even facebook has develop a kind of compiler. With consequent need for speed, this social network has developed HipHop technology to fill this gap.


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