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The code can help you to rank on Google !

It is not necessary to say that the code is also important in the field of SEO. All php developers know this. It is therefore essential to continuously improve the structure of its website. To build the code, observe some basic rules. Here are some tips to help you have a code optimized for your ranking in search engines like Google.

Meta tags

First there are the Meta tags. In the it is important to remember these three important tags. There is the title tag that is paramount. This is the page title that is top of the browser and found that also happens to be the name of the link as you can see in the results of Google. Then there is the meta description tag that is typically used to describe the site by inserting key words. Finally comes the keywords tag that should contain all the important keywords of that will foster the discovery of it in the search engines. At each site pages, these tags will then be different.

Title tags

Regarding title tags or h1 and h2, the latter servireont to give a different formatting to all the titles and thus to define the importance of the title. H1 is to place on the page title in the header banner while h2 is mainly used for page subtitles. To give more importance to your titles, you can also use the balise tag strong. As for the h3, it can also be used for although subtitles have less impact in SEO. This is also the case for the h4.

The links

Each of the links in your site must also have a relevant name especially in the case of internal links. The links should not end with .php but with .html attribute with a "tittle".

You must also consider the images that will have an ALT attribute, title and a relevant name to the to put more value your keywords, content that should be well groomed and urls that must contain at least a keyword.


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