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Php useful links, heeerree !

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, better known by its acronym PHP is a programming free language, mainly used to produce dynamic web pages via a HTTP server, but can also function as any language interpreted locally. PHP is an object oriented imperative language.

PHP useful links

Some useful links for programming in php recommended by our php developers :
Introduction to PHP

Starting with PHP- Many online courses. Site very well. Very good tutorials easily accessible.

Home website- A complete resource for PHP, PHP download the latest versions and updates.

PHP source codes

PHP tutorials-Very good site to begin (and even later), with tutorials, scripts ready-made and commented. Lessons and tutorials good and for all levels.

PHP Avanced Tutorials

 PHP at Wikipedia − A small article about PHP, which is worth reading.

PEAR − PHP Extension and Application Repository, find a list of various useful PHP packages. PEAR ( PHP Extension and Application Repository ) is a PHP library collection. It is also an application to manage libraries ( install or update a library ) . One can compare this system with gems of ruby or, more broadly , the package managers like apt .

PHP Builder - Resources for developers PHP with a variety of source codes and tutorials


Zend Technologies is the leading provider of products and services for developing, deploying and managing business-critical PHP applications. Zend Technologies Ltd. is the company whose field of expertise is the professionalization and industrialization of the PHP language.

Zend Technology is considered institutional interface of PHP. The PHP Company provides products dedicated to the development and implementation in production of PHP applications and professional services (audits, advice and training ) that assist companies in creating PHP centers of excellence .


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