Php fusion
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Php and website

Today all sites continue to entertain many features to meet perfectly the needs of users. Therefore, if you work in the field of selling, whether goods or services, it is not to say that it is essential to have your own website. Still it is necessary to have knowledge in this area.

A few words about PHP

The time when you could be satisfied with a simple personal page is now over and has given way to dynamic sites. PHP is a programming language for designing precisely this type of platform. To be able to use it, it is necessary to have knowledge of CSS and HTML. Although this is a very easy language to learn, it's still important to know the basics. Many PHP frameworks available. These not only promote the logical division of the source code but also enable to factor common components while allowing the code in question reuse. They also facilitate the addition of business layer to separate the logical technical / business for developers and presentation logic for web designer and integrators not to mention maintenance and scalability.

The benefits of using PHP

PHP is only designed as a scripting language on the server. This is why it is quite possible for the latter to collect all the form data to manage cookies or to generate dynamic content for the website and more. It can also serve as a command line programming language especially if there are scripts that are regularly used well it can also write graphical client applications although it is not the best language for it make. PHP can be used on most of the operating systems while having the ability to support the majority of current web servers. HTML production is not limited since it can both generate images, flash animations, or PDF files. But its greatest asset is its ability to withstand countless databases but also protocols.


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