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PhP 7, accepted and adopted by all developers

Since the release of PHP 7, the majority of php developers constantly brag. Indeed, this new version offers many features ever more efficient and offer more flexibility.

Lightning fast

Since its creation in 1994, the language has matured and has even become a truly effective and versatile tool for developing a good website. Today he knows a hit with developers and even more with the release of the new version, PHP 7. This language offers impressive and improved performance. It is twice faster with php engine new generation.

An explicit typing for scalar types

This new version also allows you to use an explicit typing for scalar types. If PHP was originally a weakly typed language, the type of hints there have now been integrated and has integers, strings, decimal numbers and Boolean with an opportunity to support the types of statements return.

If PHP is used in standard mode or coercive mode, it will not display an error when the wrong type is Retoure without being converted into the desired type. The string will be 12 per cent. ex. authorized in the case where the interface of the function or that of the Method One expects an integer. In case you turn directly strict mode, php will be much more forgiving and so immediately display an error if the types do not match 100%.

New operators

7 PHP also knows two new operators whose null coalesce operator and the operator spaceship. The first operator is a ternary operator, which has the function of ensuring that the assessed value exists and is not zero. In this case, the value in question is returned. Otherwise, it will be an alternative value will be returned. The second operator will help to determine if the value is less than or identical to another.

Anonymous classes

Php 7 lets you declare anonymous classes on the fly and will be comparable to the anonymous functions.


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