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Migrating from an old Php to a new one

The internet dating sites which have been refined with an older version of Symfony, for example, are often asked to be migrated. Only questions rife concerning the proper operation of the site in question as well as data integrity. In all cases, it is important to know exactly what he return to so that no data is lost while leaving the function be available. These questions will have to find answers in order to do the migration.

Easily migrate from one server to another

When migrating a site of an old server to a new one, it may be that it can take whole days. During this period it then, the site will be unavailable. This can play strongly against the site owner's profitability. As a professional php development company will provide prompt services to it with logical bases. Above all, it will be important to check on the new server that everything is in place to receive the site. Once done, it will allow the old server to an IP forwarding. This will effectively redirect all packets to the new server. Still on the old site, it will instruct iptables to send everything that goes via port 80 to the IP address of the new server. Still on IPTables on the old server, it will bring up the connections to the new server as if they were client connections so that there is more relationship with the old server.

PHP Migration

Sometimes the servers require that the version of Php be updated because it is no longer taken into account. The depreciated Php code display later an error message on the page. It will be important to make this update with the most adapted version, the last in this case, so the concern is resolved. If the site in question has been set as local, it fauda update the server so that any concerns are addressed. This will effectively replace obselètes functions for the latter are both more functional and secure.


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