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How to change the design of a website without breaking the code ?

To interact perfectly with the web world, it is important to create websites. To do this, a good number of tools are used in order to have flawless results. One of the most used in this context is that PHP has many advantages helping developers to deliver excellent results. Of course, understanding the basics will understand it better and to fully benefit from all its advantages.

What's PHP?

PHP is one of the most currently used in terms of web application development tools. This effervescence is perfectly explained by the many benefits of this tool. Clearly, php script is a general and open source language. Everyone can therefore use it and access it. It was designed specifically to develop web applications. It also integrates easily into HTML. To display it, it will not be necessary to use tons of orders as the php pages already contain HTML fragments. In addition, PHP is a server side language. Concretely other languages ​​like java, therefore, the php code will run directly on the server to generate HTML. The result will then be sent directly to customers without the source code. In addition, by configuring the server, it will be possible to confuse the static pages and dynamic pages.

Redirecting a site

The php developers can change the design of the website without breaking his code. This will be possible with the tool called php. Above all, in the design of the site, it will provide a very hierarchical tree thus avoiding moving files. This is a very important prerequisite. In any case, if the files need to be moved, good management redirects will limit the negative impact on users as well as search engines. The philosophical basis of this action is the preservation of these redirects. This will be the most relevant file even if the oldest addresses are used. Several methods can be used perfectly to achieve this result. The key is to know them well in order to use them well.


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