Php fusion
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Look at the new publishing media !

The php programmers is undergoing a great evolution. Soon, it will be seen live but also permanently texts, sounds, images as well as animated sequences on motorways. This is a revolution that does not leave us enough time to prepare the future is to design an image industry and its likely to facilitate the protection but also the radiation from each culture. It is more a progress that is limited to satellite transmission with the intermediary or not mobile devices orwellin but rather a communication model that push each transmitter pole frequency of simply water the planet.

Digital media are emerging

New digital media having large capacity so will emerge. These will be physical objects that will be published but also disseminated as books, but with content foreshadowing electronic waves. Currently, digital disks can already simulate in the language class direct access to many documents, such as encyclopedias and others. For teachers, then it is now a question of questioning the devices favoring comfortable vision on how the didactic exploitation of this mass of information for the class. One of the most common is the CD-Rom which was a great success in France in the 90s Here management support as well as its management are consistent with the handling of software on computers. There is also the CDI is designed to switch on a TV while being controlled by a remote control. It was in January 94 that Livres Hebdo rang the multimedia age. The market for information by electronic transmission has long been the obget international industrial strategies with large investments. Many platforms have then emerged. The latter make available to readers the works of authors including books that are available on kiddle but also on smartphones they are last generation or not.

Much interest in these media

Since the appearance of the bibliography for professional literature and publishing, the development of this new phenomenon is constantly evolving. All publishers are then reconciled perfectly with computers if they have turned to piracy at one point. Now all creators in the arts and culture have also turned to this new medium be it a musical composition, visual arts, clips, animated synthetic drawing, writing fiction, scenarios interactive or otherwise. The creative possibilities are endless as are the objects to consume.



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